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Colin O’Donoghue at OUAT’s Season 4 Premiere

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well hello there… (x)


A/N: Obligatory Netflix date night drabble. Oops. :P




Emma orders pizza, has music on low as they sit cross-legged next to each other in front of the living room table. She takes a sip from her beer, watches him sniff at the cheesy, gooey, carb-y triangle on his plate and hides her smile behind a bite from her own slice, chewing thoughtfully as she studies him.

“It’s good, I promise,” she says.

He glances up at her, blue eyes vibrant and just a little soft around the edges in the dim lighting of the apartment. His gaze holds hers and she feels it in the pit of her stomach — that little zip of connection, that little spark of attraction — and suddenly it becomes hard to chew (hard to breathe). Emma clears her throat and encouragingly nudges his plate towards him while she takes another hearty bite, hoping to keep things easy and light. Killian smiles then and she is helpless to smile back. 

“What?” she wonders, despite her mouth being full.

He lifts his hand and tentatively reaches out towards her face. “May I?”

“What?” she asks again. “What is it?” And he’s scooting a little closer until their knees bump, until her heartbeat picks up just enough to make her anxious (oh God), and then he’s gently swiping his thumb against the corner of her mouth.

Automatically she reaches for her napkin. “I like extra sauce, so it gets a little messy.”

He doesn’t say anything, just continues to look at her with his lips tipped up ever so slightly at the corners and his expression equally as tender. It makes her heart squeeze and her stomach clench and Jesus, she wishes he would just eat already (though she tucks away the memory of the doe-eyed look for safe keeping).

After another couple of minutes (and unsurprisingly comfortable silence), Emma rolls her eyes. “Are you going to be a gentleman and help me eat this, or am I going to have to look like a pig and eat the whole thing by myself?”

He shifts fractionally closer, leaning in as if sharing a secret with her. “Shall I start calling you ‘Swine’ then, love?” 

He wiggles his eye brows at her and she gives him a playful shove that makes him laugh and makes her insides melt at the sound (ugh). 

“It’s getting cold!” she chastises.

Eventually he obliges her, lifting the pizza off his plate and having his very first bite of Italian cuisine. She’s watching closely enough that she can see the exact moment he decides it’s positively delicious, and she grins at him.

“Bloody hell,” he murmurs.

Emma nods in agreement and nibbles on her crust. “Told ya. Not exactly the most nutritious food, but it’s damn good.” She lifts her beer towards him and waits for him to toast with her.

He grasps the bottle and holds it up, but doesn’t clink it against hers. “What shall we toast to?”

Her tongue darts out to moisten her lips while she thinks (absolutely not missing the way his eyes are drawn to the small movement — she does it again just for good measure and smirks when his mouth parts just a bit). “To pizza and Netflix date nights,” she tells him.

His dimples flash at her (and she prides herself in managing not to swoon, thank you very much). “Still not quite sure what this ‘Netflix' is, but the first of many, I hope?”

The question is soft and the emotions in his tone and in his eyes sit heavily against her heart. She gives him a coy smile, touching the tip of her bottle to his. “Perhaps.”

Killian chuckles again but seems satisfied with her answer. They eat in silence once more, eyes sneaking glances, smiles stupidly affectionate. She shoves him repeatedly (he won’t stop staring at her and she swears she looks like a lobster with how hot her cheeks are) and he grasps her wrist each time, drawing it towards his mouth and boldly pressing gentle kisses to her pulse point until all she can do is sigh (the final time, she gives in and let’s herself stroke the backs of her fingers against his scruffy jaw — dashing idiot).

Later, she sits curled up next to him on the couch — knees drawn up to her chest, feet tucked under his legs, shoulders touching while they are bathed in the light of the television. It’s easy and peaceful and happy, and while there’s a part of her that doesn’t quite know what to do with that, there’s also a part of her eager to find out.

Brilliant,” he mutters again for the fifteenth time.

“Netflix,” she replies, charmed at the open wonder on his face while he watches the ‘moving pictures.’

Her lips curve up and she sighs again, feeling completely content. She leads with her gut — with her heart — and drops her cheek against his shoulder, snuggling in deeper to his side. She feels him stiffen, feels his breath catch and it’s so endearing that she closes her eyes against the sweet, sweet ache in her chest.


“Aye, love?” he whispers, almost afraid that if he speaks any louder, she’ll disappear.

Emma tilts her head up, brushes her lips against his cheek, lingering until he turns his head and she can repeat the gesture over his lips. “Definitely the first of many.”

His smile is everything and when he lowers his head to kiss her properly, she tangles her hand in his hair to hold him close — safe and warm in her embrace, safe and warm in her heart.



Once Upon A Time Meme: Four Objects {02/04}
       ▸Killian’s Hook

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Jennifer Morrison  | Once Upon A Time Premiere Screening Event (September 21, 2014) (x)


make me choose » swanfeels asked: Granny’s Diner or The Rabbit Hole

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OUAT Cast @ Once Upon A Time Premiere (Sept 21, 2014)

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season 3 appreciation weekends

4) favorite character [2/2]

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